Fred Forest - Retrospective
Sociologic art - Aesthetic of communication
Exhibition Generative art - November, 2000
Exhibition Biennale 3000 - Sao Paulo - 2006
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1 - Synthetisis note on the activities of Fred Forest
2 - Manifests Sociological Art (1974) and Aesthetics of the Communication (1983)
3 - The Aesthetics of the Communication by Fred Forest (1983)
4 - For an Aesthetics of Communication - Fred Forest
5 - The Video family by Fred Forest (1976)
6 - Learn to watch TV through the radio by Fred Forest and Pierre Moeglin (1984)   
7 - Why present his candidacy for President of the Bulgarian TV by Fred Forest (1991)


" Uncle Fred is here! "

Fred Forest and the telephone

Marshall MAC LUHAN (January 1973)

To present the experiences that Fred Forest achieved with the telephone since 1972, using the urban and interurban networks, as well as of the automatic answering machines, Marshall Mac Luhan wrote for Fred Forest the following text:

"The uncle Fred is here (American cliché used by the children to indicate to their parents that one calls them on the phone) or the telephone and the spying."

I am delighted with the tentative of Fred Forest to reveal the mysteries of the telephone: mysteries too often indebted to the pure and simple inefficiency of the system. It is only of a dynamic talent as his to get round this involuntary conspiracy of the silence. The telephone is the most ignored of the media: only the " teenagers " understand it, them that wrap themselves to pleasure in the flex to chat endlessly the feet on the wall. It is exactly to what invites you this instrument of the most exacting. This medium challenges you to visualize your interlocutor while requiring expressly that you make it. It is the instrument the more kissing and the more kissable. It also has the power to send you entire where you call: the addressee is destined!

The American children donĂ­t say "uncle Fred is calling" but "uncle Fred is here" or even "uncle Fred is one the phone", that is to say the uncle Fred is on the telephone.

The highly literary minds have horror of the telephone because it makes intrusion in their private lives, their intimacies: to the children, that is the same to them because they don't have or no more private life. To the United States, the only way to escape the invasion of the telephone is either to take refuge in car in the embarrassments of the circulation, either to hurry in meetings of advice, where for the whole administrative rumination time, we are safe from the telephone calls.

With their installations at the Eskimos, the technicians of the Bell Telephone Company of Canada saw to be born again the oldest use of the beginnings of the telephone: all Eskimos want to participate in all telephone conversations of the whole community; it was necessary to put back in service the oldest known telephonic systems: "The party-line"*. This method is not foreign to the techniques of most recent spying of the C.I.A.

Marshall McLuhan

* Game of words untranslatable on the "specific politics of a party" and "the mutual telephone line, several subscribers for a same line".


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