Fred Forest - Retrospective
Sociologic art - Aesthetic of communication
Exhibition Generative art - November, 2000
Exhibition Biennale 3000 - Sao Paulo - 2006
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Critical by Louis-José LESTOCART

Beginning years 80, Gary Hill, artist video, starts its research on the language. In particular on the idea of a physicality of the language. Soon, thanks to the process of a machine named Rutt/Etra (scan electronic processor finalized in the beginning of the years 70) that permits him to explore the physical nature and the immediatity of the medium, he inaugurates a work on the real time, intrinsic to the video, where he discerns a movement close to the one of the thought. Such a flux, a
topology of the time restored made sensitive by the medium. Then he creates, the notion of metalogue (according to Gregory Bateson, biologist and epistemologist who wrote Mind and Nature : A Necessary Unit, 1979), combining the multiple narration, that build effects of arborescences fro