Fred Forest - Retrospective
Sociologic art - Aesthetic of communication
Exhibition Generative art - November, 2000
Exhibition Biennale 3000 - Sao Paulo - 2006
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14- " Sociologic Walk in Brooklyn "achieved with MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) directed by Walter Zanini. Through the media, the public is invited to retain numbered stools, in order to carry out a walk in this popular district of Sao Paulo, where the artist would comment on. Somehow, it is the social reality which is to be shown and its actors to be questioned by the camera of Fred Forest. Testimonies in the form of video documentaries, as well as the gleaned objects and the stools, will be produced as "prints" of this almost sociologic investigation in MAC. The action, in itself, in the field, creates a micro-event with the participation of the public in the streets.


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