Fred Forest - Retrospective
Sociologic art - Aesthetic of communication
Exhibition Generative art - November, 2000
Exhibition Biennale 3000 - Sao Paulo - 2006
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12- Relation de presse,

12- Relation de presse, " Jornal do Brasil " Sao Paulo, 1973 press recounts, "Jornal C Brasil" Sao Paulo, 1973. It is about the street demonstration that Fred Forest had organized with the carriers of white signs. As stated in the "Jornal do Brasil" under the title "the white invades the city and everyone ends up in prison ". This action ended with the arrest of the artist who was immediately led to the DOPS (the department of the political police) Subject to more than a six-hour-tightened-interview, Fred Forest maintains the same behavior. While police officers try to intimidate him, he pretends being na´ve and expresses his astonishment that it is not allowed to walk with white signs in Brazil. To tell the truth, during the demonstration in the streets of the city center the crowd was growing non-stop. The people who accompanied him started writing slogans on these signs, in particular stars that represented the acronym of a revolutionary Chilean movement at the time. The police officers who had seized the signs urged Forest to tell them who had written the slogans of freedom which one could read very clearly. Whereas the former pretended knowing nothing of the whole matter, the police officers told him that it was thus "very serious" not to know! Without losing his cold blood and his irony, the artist retorted that henceforth he would know. He added again: "As soon as I return to Europe, I will not fail to let know in my declarations to the press that it is prohibited in Brazil to walk peacefully with white signs..." The artist specifies that he considers his situation as an official guest to the Biennial of Sao Paulo as well as his being a foreigner to confer him with certain immunity. I am not a hero he adds hastily. I was definitely able to do all of that in complicity with the journalists, the people, and the intellectuals who supported me, but it is them who risked largely, because they remained on the spot, whereas me, for my part, I had to return to Europe... 13 Article from the " VEJA " magazine on December 19th, 1973 about the installation of the artist carried out in the Portal gallery of Sao Paulo under the title: "Autopsy of the Augusta street: the small museum of consumption ": A device using a closed loop of television, 40 monitors, a camera outside the gallery which takes the street in all its length, 7 windows and 8 racks presenting and referring objects, all on sale in the many shops of this commercial street.


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