Fred Forest - Retrospective
Sociologic art - Aesthetic of communication
Exhibition Generative art - November, 2000
Exhibition Biennale 3000 - Sao Paulo - 2006
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8- "the white invades the city" this street action which lead to the arrest of Fred Forest by the military police of the junta will undoubtedly remain the most important event of the XII Biennial of Sao Paulo. It was caused by the displacement of the artist accompanied with fifteen carriers of white signs in Sao Paulo. The provocation was even more obvious since the system at the time prohibited the gathering of more than three people in any public place. Journalists of the large Brazilian daily press, Fred Forestís objective accomplices, had announced this action the day before under the title " Hygiene of art: the white invades the city ". According to a given itinerary, the group led by Forest circulated in the center of Sao Paulo passing by the entire symbolic and historic sites. In fifteen minutes a significant crowd gradually joined this strange procession and the circulation was blocked in various places of the city. This parade which proceeded during approximately two hours was terminated by the incursion of the police, the seizure of the signs and the arrest of the artist who was lead to the DOPS.


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